iF Series Facial Recognition Smart Lock

I-TEK ANSI Grade 1 Keyless Lock iF Series Facial Recognition Smart Lock

A True Pioneer in The Digital Era

With the advancement of the digital era, wireless technology has become a staple for efficient and smart application.

I-TEK has pushed forward to bring forth a new level of efficiency and intelligent application. With the iF Series Smart Lock, access control operation and management has never been easier. No matter where or when, you have total control in the palm of your hand.

The iF Series Smart Lock is designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind to fit any home or business size and application. Along with its revolutionary innovative Linkage® technology, your property is ensured to be protected in a convenient yet secure way.

iF-01 Cylindrical Lock

Brilliant Design and Functionality for Your Every Need

Nothing says more about a product than a flexible one that not only fulfills what it has been designed for but takes it up to a whole new level of convenience and performance.

The iF-01 model has been integrated into a standard cylindrical lockset, allowing you to easily retrofit into your existing door preparation, so no additional hole drilling is required. Plus, it’s powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries with a lifespan of up to one year, so you can say goodbye to complicated wiring. Installation is easy and fast, which can be done using a few simple tools and completed within a couple of minutes.

iF-94 Mortise Lock

Enhanced Security with Stylish Beauty

When it comes to strength and security, a mortise lock is one that cannot be matched, with its robust mechanical design and an optional auxiliary deadbolt for added strength and security, bringing you the highest level of security and ease of mind.

The iF-90/94 model uses an ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 mortise lock, which can withstand the strictest of forcibly entry attempts without failure. It is battery powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries, with an expected battery lifespan of up to one year. The battery case is embedded in the door, making its overall aesthetic design much thinner and elegant to complement your decorative needs.

iF-R Readers

iF-R Facial Recognition Smart Readers

Access Control System can be this little. I-TEK has develped iF-R Series Reader in order to extend the applicability of iF Series.

iF-R Series Reader inherits the characteristics of iF Series. Administrator remotely authorizes passengers by sending a serial code via email. Passengers simply active the link and create either fingerprint or facial recognition profile as their identification. Admin can also set a certain number for access times and a period from time to time. The most updated audit trails can be seen from smartphones of administrator and passenger.

With these features, I-TEK integrated safety, efficiency and management into one little device, iF-R Series Reader.


iF-R1 Readers For Cylindrical Lock

Innovative Design with Substantial Hardware

The new iF-R1 Series Reader For Cylindrical Lock pioneers the new design of I-TEK, which is recognisable by its clear reduced lines. iF-R1 Series Reader For Cylindrical Lock fits perfectly into a system with wired doors. For the doors which have already been installed cable pathways, the iF-R1 Series Reader For Cylindrical Lock helps to simplify not only installation but also service and maintenance. iF-R1 Series Reader For Cylindrical Lock fulfils most demands of access control solutions with wiring door preparation.

Smartphones nowadays carry camera function, some even have fingerprint and facial recognition to identify the owners of smartphones. iF-R1 Series Reader For Cylindrical Lock integrated these technology into the application, Smartlink, replacing tranditional override key and RFID access card. It is not only suitable for hotel access control but also commercial buidlings access management, thus achieving a more reliable, safe, convenient and seamless new experience.

iF-R9 Readers For Mortise Lock

Aesthetically Appealing Design and Beyond

The iF-R9 Series Readers For Mortise Lock is installed into door. The hidden installation not only looks pleasant but also prevents desruptive damage and invasion from the outside. Nevertheless, the strong bolt can also sustains abnormal impairment.

Management System

Unmatched Convenience and Security


The introduction of the Smartphone has revolutionized our lifestyles with the integration of convenient tools into the phone to make our lives much simpler and easier. Likewise, with I-TEK’s innovative access control solution, it will completely change the way how access control is viewed.

Now, your Smartphone can also become your digital key thanks to I-TEK’s Linkage® technology, which means that you no longer need to bring with you a bundle of keys when you leave the premise. What’s more, all digital keys are integrated into its simple and easy to use Smartlink® mobile app, all of which can be activated by its multiple identification security system, using one single set of passcode/fingerprint and facial image, so you don’t have to remember different passwords for different doors. The passcode/fingerprint and facial recognition verification data is stored performed at the user’s phone, so they can be periodically changed for a more flexible and added security.

Multiple Layers of Security to Keep You Safe

From your smaller home application to your larger company, Security has always been a concern. The iF Series Smart Lock brings a security level you can truly rely on with its AES 256 bit data encryption and multiple identification security system.

Additionally, the mobile app requires a passcode or fingerprint* input to unlock the door, which prevents misusage of the device if stolen or lost. For applications that require an even higher security level, a secondary facial recognition verification can be added to prevent embezzlement. Plus, the level of security required for access is determined by the administrator of the lock, who decides which users require the basic access input and which ones need a double-layered verification.

* Only available for devices with in-built fingerprint recognition function.

Management Mobility with Cloud-based Application

Linkage® technology is an ecosystem that connects and brings together different access control applications under one single platform, allowing you to remotely manage and configure your locks installed in different locations based on the user’s needs and security requirements. User access rights can be added, managed and deleted in real time from anywhere via its Smartlink® app or web portal, as well as audit trails to all users.

The iF Series Smart Lock is designed for installation and setup simplicity, making use of your smartphone’s telecom signal to connect with the cloud, so no need for additional wireless connectivity specifically for the lock.

Flexible Models to Adapt Your Every Need

One of the advantages of Linkage® technology is that it can easily be adapted and combined into new or existing management systems that gives you ease of access and management. Whether using it in a small or large scale application, Linkage® delivers exactly what you need.

Basic Model

All your management needs can be fulfilled with the Smartlink® mobile app or Linkage® web portal, which include:

  • Add, modify and delete user access rights
  • Perform advanced access control settings
  • Real-time monitoring and status alert
  • Check user’s audit trail

Advanced Model

Businesses that already have a centralized system can choose to customize and integrate the Linkage® platform into their existing system. For specific applications such as B & B, hotels and apartments, the management platform can integrate payment services* to accommdate faster and more convenient services and solutions.

*Available soon, please contact our sales representatives for details.

Electronic Specifications

 Battery TypeLow Volt Type
Required Power/
Control Mode
• Battery Life: Estimated 1 year or 5000 cycles with 4 AA alkaline batteries.• Power Input: 12 or 24 VDC.
• 2 Types of Output Options.
• Energized Circuit (Output = Input; Current: MAX 1.5A).
• Electrical Circuit (COM, NO/NC).
No. Users• Unlimited, dependent on smartphone's memory capacity.
Management• Can assign secondary administrators for unlimited or 3-5 users using the user management interface.
Credential Verification Time• <1s (without facial recognition).
Note: Depending on the smartphone used, the actual connectivity during operation may differ.
Visual Communications• LED.
Communication Standards• Wifi.
• 3G/4G/5G.
• Bluetooth 4.0.
• AES 256-bit.
Communication Range• 2 m.
Wake-Up on Radio• 1s by Bluetooth connection or Inside button.
Data Rate• <100kb via Wifi, 3G/4G/5G.
Connectivity Options• Web portal management platform (manage authorization, authorization updates, biometric/non-biometric requirement).
• Wifi access point (real-time communication).
• Telecom signal (3G/4G/5G) (real-time communication).
Biometric Recognition
• Passcode, fingerprint, facial recognition, IRIS recognition (future feature), voice recognition (future feature).
Operating Temperature• 0~49 °C.
Operating Humidity• 85%.
Certification/Compliance• UL294 for Access Control System Units.
• CAN/ULC-S319 Electronic Access Control Systems.
Applications• Homes, office, schools, clinics, hotels, dormitories and B & B inns.
Available Status Signals• Request-to-exit.
• Battery status/low battery alert.
• HOLD OPEN mode (constantly unlocked until reset back to standard mode).
• PRIVACY mode (all users' access denied until reset back to standard mode or when turning inside lever; administrator can access normally).
• Communication status.
Flexible Solutions• Smartphone.
• Tablet.
• Web portal via PC.
Mobile App• Add and configure locks.
• Add new users and enroll credentials.
• View users and alerts.
• Perform lock diagnostics.
• Requirements: IOS 9 or later Android 4.4 or later.
• Required for passcode or fingerprint recognition only to access.
• Required for passcode or fingerprint recognition with facial recognition to access.
• User feedback.
Web Portal• Configure locks.
• Add new users and enroll credentials.
• View audits and alerts.
• Setup facial recognition requirement for access.
• Requirements:
  - IE 11.1 or later.
  - Chrome 38.0 or later.
  - Firefox 33.0 or later.
  - Safari for Mac OS X10 or later.
  - Mobile/tablet browser for Android and iOS.
• Preserve for security camera/ online alerts connection port.