Since its establishment in 1958, I-TEK has continually adopted a proactive approach toward manufacturing extensive varieties of locksets and architectural hardware, insisting on providing the best quality products and services that our customers deserve. With more than 50 years of manufacturing experience, our excellent product design capability and our professionalism in the lock industry, I-TEK is well known for being "keen on quality, with customer satisfaction being our priority", gaining us our customers trust and confidence for many years. At present, I-TEK is one of the few professional lock suppliers that can produce Grade 1 and Grade 2 door locks in Asia.

Innovation, quality, security, sharing and speed are the major operational beliefs that I-TEK adheres to. We strive for quality assurance and customer satisfaction within the overall framework of the quality system. Our vision is to become a total solutions provider that offers a complete range of products and services in accordance with customer demands in the commercial lock industry.

When it comes to locks, you know that I-TEK can provide you with the best solutions.