i Series Standalone Keyless Lock

Intelligent. Secure. Convenient.

Fast and contactless communication is the main advantage of the Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID. Utilizing the convenience of the RFID technology, the unlocking key of the  Series access control lock can be a smart card, a transponder or even a wearable device. Not a fan of the electronics? A mechanical key option is reserved to override unlocking of the lock due to your preference or when the battery is drained.

Further to bring convenience to your hands, the  Series access control lock is an frontier to the market that support both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and NFC at the same lock from your mobile phone. The available smart phone app allows you to use your own devices to do more than just unlocking your lock.

The application of the  Series keyless lock is vast, including homes, offices, hotels, clinics or other small or medium businesses.


  • Use of Smartphone App as controller’s management setting platform allows the addition, deletion and personal information editing of personnel, as well as setting their access time allowance.
  • The NFC Smartphone can obtain access management authority by reading the master card via the app. Users without access management authority are only capable of unlocking the lock.
  • Compatible with LF Series Cylindrical Locks, M Series Mortise Locks and 300 Series Exit Device Trims.
  • Provides User Interface for access registry tracking of personnel, with entry search and order options.
  • Adjustable unlocking time from 1 to 126 seconds.
  • Door controller unlocking time can be modified to 1-126 sec within the app settings or through the switches on controller board.
  • 10,000 event audit trail.
  • DPS (Door Position Switch) available.
  • Provided with buzzer for access action notification.
  • UL Listed for Fire Doors.
  • UL/cUL Listed to safety standards


Key Type• Smartphone with NFC/Bluetooth 4.0* capabilities.
• Mifare® smart card.
• Transponder.
• Mechanical key.
*Bluetooth data transfer conforms to AES128 Encryption Standard.
Unlocking Modes• Standard mode (locking and unlocking determined by user).
HOLD OPEN mode (constantly unlocked until reset back to standard mode).
PRIVACY mode (all users' access denied until reset back to standard mode or when turning inside lever; administrator can access normally).
Master Card• Add user: Approach master card to reader, press and hold the HOLD OPEN button; approach device that you want to authorize access.
• Delete user: Approach master card to reader, press and hold the PRIVACY button; approach device that you want to delete access.
Operating Temperature• 32°F ~ 120°F (0°C ~ 49°C).
Power Source• 6 AA alkaline batteries.
Battery Life• Estimated battery life of 5,000 cycle; for 10 uses per day, it can last for 16 months.
• When lock is not in use, it will go into battery saving mode to reduce lock's standby power consumption.
• The low battery, the reader will beep and emit light to notify user.
User• One administrator.
• Maximum of 500 users.
Access Management• Smartphone required for management.
• Can store up to 10,000 audit trails.
Unlocking Time• Adjustable locking time from 1~126 seconds.
Standard Cylinder• 6-pin cylinder, with two nickel silver keys, compatible with Schlage® original cylinder.
I/C Core• 6 or 7-pin, compatible with Best® and Falcon®.
Door Position Switch (DPS)• When door is not properly closed or is forcibly opened, the DPS switch will detect and activate alarm to notify user or security of a possible intrusion.